Single Sign On (SSO) with LemonLDAP::NG

Single Sign On (SSO) is a solution that provides a single way to authenticate users in all applications at once without prompting for single authentications, and single sign-off is a way to sign off and terminate sessions in all applications protected by an SSO solution.


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Some benefits are obtained when using an SSO solution:

  • Using the same user and password for all applications reduces the excessive number of passwords that a person has to remember;
  • reduces the time a person spends on typing a lot of users and passwords to log in;
  • reduces the time spent by help desk teams to reset users passwords.

LemonLDAP::NG is an open source project that implements an SSO application with full triple AAA (Authentication Authorization Accounting) protection. It’s has a GPL license and uses others powerful projects like Apache, Perl, and Perl Modules to deliver a single sign-on solution.

This project is well documented and provides a great web interface to configure it. You can see some screenshots and customize it if you want.

LemonLDAP::NG installer can be found in Ubuntu repository to be easily installed using aptitude or apt-get. The project distributes LemonLDAP in a tarball file, rpm, deb and SVN access to check out the latest version.

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If you want to test LemonLDAP, this tutorial can be useful – Quick Start Tutorial by LemonLDAP Documentation

Learn more information about how it works in “presentation” and “main features” pages.


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