Lifetime of Linux distributions to use in your servers

There are many Linux distributions to be used in your desktops or servers. If you use a Linux distribution installed on your personal computer or laptop, for example, a great idea is to update it to the latest version to see the new interface, add more features in some applications or simply to maintain it up-to-date.

But for your servers you generally don’t need new features every day, month, and in some cases, years. So use a distribution for which you don’t need to make an upgrade every six months, one or two years. This choice can be a great idea.

Below there is a table to show you how many years a distribution is supported by its developers by supplying updates and commercial/community support.

In my servers, I’m using Ubuntu LTS because my laptop is running Ubuntu Desktop too. It’s easier to test new software, configurations and bugs corrections to then make a deploy in an homologation or production server.

Fernando Mariano

Graduated in Computer Engineering and has been working with Systems Administration for 9 years and develops his startup called Enter Concursos.

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