The best features to use CyanogenMod in a smartphone

About 5 years ago I started using a smartphone with a version 1.6 Android system (Xperia X 10 mini). After that, I bought an LG Optimus L5 that is a bad device, because of its low memory and slow processor. The user experience is degraded because it has a low-quality hardware.

In Xperia X 10 mini and LG Optimus L5 I couldn’t install any ROM because it isn’t supported. So I decided that my next smartphone would be an LG Nexus. The great feature that I like in Nexus is the possibility to install a diversity of ROMs and operational systems like Firefox OS, CyanogenMod, Ubuntu Touch and others.

In this article, I’ll focus on the benefits and advantages to using CyanogenMod instead of an original Android.

CyangenMod – the best ROM based on Android

CyanogendMod is free and an open source ROM based on Android. It is developed by Cyangen Inc that recently received some investments to continue the excellent job.

The ROM is supported by community, developers and users. It is used in smartphones and tablets.

Its main features are:

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  • theme support;
  • fast and secure;
  • audio equalizer;
  • an option to open default media player when a headphones are connected;
  • configure the volume of ringtone to progressively increase;
  • add some features to the power button (restart on recovery mode, take a screenshot, change to silence mode and etc);
  • advanced control to make overclock;
  • add some shortcuts when the smartphone is locked at the home screen;
  • use in landscape view in the home screen;
  • configure customized light colors to receive app notifications (messages from Gmail, Facebook, What’s app);
  • file manager and terminal emulator installed by default;
  • custom the navigation bar by adding two buttons that allow to open google search and configuration menu to the app that is running;
  • Privacy Guard that manage applications permissions to prevent access to your private data. For example, you can manage permissions to deny access to personal information for applications like SMS messages, GPS position, account information like calendar, contacts, social contacts from Google Plus and others;
  • manage root permissions for apps that need full access to work;
  • use up and down volume button to navigate between a text that is written in a chat, email or an SMS message;
  • better performance than the original ROM, because unwanted applications are removed;
  • profiles support to customize the control of applications, sound and the connectivity based on the environment that you are using the smartphone;
  • share internet connections by WiFi, USB cable, and Bluetooth;
  • and more, check out this post on CyanogenMod wiki –

Below are some screenshots based on the stable version 10.1.3:

But be careful: some manufacturers may revoke warranty if you change your original operating system.

How to install CyanogendMod

If you use Windows you can try the official installer developed by Cyanogen Inc.

Try this:

The installation for Linux users is easy. Just install these two software – adb and fastbook – in your notebook and follow these instructions for LG Nexus 4:


Before installation check if your device is supported by CyanogenMod to prevent surprises and not damage your smartphone.

Get it, install it, and enjoy it!

Fernando Mariano

Graduated in Computer Engineering and has been working with Systems Administration for 9 years and develops his startup called Enter Concursos.

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